Mesmerizingly Beautiful 4D Brain Imaging from EEG


Henrick Kjelden and team at TRUUST Neuroimaging have created a process to infer and present the flow of activity with the human brain from EEG recordings. The system allows dramatically improved insight into the functional flow of brain activity and could deliver advances in diagnostic techniques for a variety of medical conditions.

The system takes the electrical fields detected by a network of EEG sensors placed around the outside of a patient’s head and using a model of the electrical properties of the brain and the head estimates the corresponding magnetic fields. The system then combines that with the electrical field data and generates a 1 million voxel representation of the brain’s electrical state over time.

Previous functional neuroimaging systems relied on fMRI machines which in addition to being expensive and large required dedicated shielded rooms. Instead the EEG array is lightweight and can be deployed in most clinical situations.

TRUUST Neuroimaging is hoping to work with research partners to establish EEG biomarkers for a number of conditions including temporal lobe epilepsy, Alzheimer’s, autism, and concussions.